Stop Hair Fall Permanently

Hair Fall and Hair Thinning are two major problems faced by both men and women today. Below are some of the causes and solutions to stop hair fall permanently.

Hair Fall – Common Mistakes/Causes

Heat in any form damages the hair

Avoid taking bath in hot water , hot hair dryer and straightener , excessive exposure to sunlight.

Shampoos which have harmful chemicals

We should always check for presence of harmful chemicals when buying shampoo e.g. sodium lauryl sulfate , dimethicone , carbomer , Laureth n .

Excessive usage of hairstyling products

We should try to avoid regular use of hairstyling products and wash them off from the hair before going to sleep if and when using them.

Brushing/rubbing wet hair

Brushing an rubbing on wet hair weakens the hair strands/roots. Therefore avoid the habits.

Tying hair too tightly

Tying your hair too tightly further weakens the hair roots and leads to breakage.


Stress level adversely affects hair i.e. the more stress/tension you take the faster your hair will fall.

Hair Fall – Major Reasons and Solutions

Blood Circulation

The nutrients in our body flow through blood and therefore poor blood circulation leads to decreased flow of nutrients , therefore if your blood circulation is low your hair will fall.
To improve the blood circulation , it is recommended to gently massage your scalp three to four times a week with natural/pure oil e.g. coconut oil , sesame oil , castor oil and almond oil. Massage in a circular motion.
Another effective way to stop hair fall permanently by increasing blood circulation is daily exercise. Exercise in any form for 15-20 min is good enough.

Increase in DHT Hormone

More than 80% hair fall cases in young men is due to DHT(Dihydrotestosterone) hormone. DHT is formed from testosterone through a biochemical reaction and it decreases the life span of hair follicles. Therefore , it is important to include DHT blockage food in your diet which decreases DHT. Some of the DHT blockage foods are fenugreek seeds, almonds, banana , carrot and mushrooms.

Poor Nutrition

In today’s busy lifestyle, majority of us do not pay much importance to nutrition which our body needs/requires. Packaged foods , fried snacks , fast foods has taken over home made food. These type of foods are nutrition less and should be avoided. For the nourishment of hair , proper nutrition is non negotiable.
Every strand of hair is made up of protein making it is important for healthy hair. Therefore we should include protein rich foods in our daily diet. Some examples of protein rich foods are chickpeas , kidney beans , lentils and meat.
Also Iron and Vitamin c are crucial for healthy and strong hair. All fresh green vegetables are good source of Iron and Amla , Lemon , Citrus Fruits and Capsicum are all Vitamin C rich foods.

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