Solutions to Eye problems – Weak Eyesight / Dryness

Eyes are one of the most precious and delicate organ and therefore needs a lot of care. Unknowingly, due to some of our daily habits we weaken our eyesight. Knowing and avoiding these daily habits will be one of the primary solutions to eye problem.

Daily Habits that damage Eyes

Excessive screen time

In the last 10 years, the number of people wearing spectacles increased manifold. The reason was obvious, increased screen time i.e. time spent using/staring at the computer, mobile and television screens. This leads to accumulation of dead cells in our eyes which is one of the reasons for dark circles and weak eyesight. Some simple tips which will help are

  • Avoid continuous looking at screens without blinking.
  • Look away from the screen after every hour for some time
  • Sip some water as it will hydrate the eyes

Rubbing your eyes

Eyes are a delicate organ and rubbing them damage the eye blood vessels. Also there is a change that the bacteria/germs will get transferred from your fingers to your eyes. Therefore avoid/do away with the habit of rubbing your eyes.

Reading/Texting when travelling

When we read/text when travelling, the text is not stable due movement. This puts constant strain on your eyes as they find it hard to focus on the text.

Not wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses protect eyes from harmful UV rays/ HEV light. Prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to burning of cornea which is a reason for cataract and premature ageing. Therefore always wear a good quality sunglasses (100% UV rays protected) when outside in the sun.

Reading/Texting/Studying in Low Light

Reading or writing in low light puts immense stress on the eye muscles and eventually weakens them. Therefore make it a habit of working/studying/texting in proper light which puts much less stress on eye muscles.

Good Eye Care Habits – Solutions to eye problem

Consuming food which are good for eyes

Include green leafy vegetables in your diet as they are rich in Xeaxanthin and Lutein which are two important nutrients for your eyes. Some other vegetables are carrot which is rich in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, and Indian Gooseberry(Amla) which is rich in Vitamin C.

Eye Exercises

5 minutes of eye exercises daily will give amazing results. Some of the effective eye exercises which are also some solutions to eye problem.

  • Move your eye balls in circular motion
  • Tightly close your eyes, hold for 3 seconds and then open

Eye Wash Routine

One effective eye wash routine is to fill your mouth with water and then wash your eyes with fresh water. This routine is effective as filling your mouth with water expands the eye area which leads to better eye wash.

Regular Eye Checkup

Eyes being a delicate organ needs constant care. It is recommended to go for a proper eye checkup by a specialist once a year.

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