signs you are eating too much sugar

Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Most people would agree that sweet mouth watering sugar makes anything you put it on tastes way better. But eating too much sugar can actually cause a lot of health issues. Luckily our system gives us crystal clear signs when we have crossed that line. Below are the signs you are eating too much sugar

Muscle and Joint Pain

Muscle and joint pain is one of the important signs you are eating too much sugar. Large amounts of sugar in your diet cause your cells to secrete inflammatory messengers into your bloodstream in order to break down all that excess sugary glucose. Basically all these complicated biochemical processes that come from consuming too much sugar result in muscle aches, joint stiffness and swelling. Not to mention, you could end up with arthritis, cataracts, heart disease or even wrinkles.

Craving for Sweet Foods

Our bodies develop a sort of dependency on sugar when consuming too much of the same. That is because eating sweet sugary foods releases dopamine. It is the chemical that controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Simply put, our brains see sugar as a reward and more sugar you eat , the more your body craves it. Also, food high in sugar will not make you feel full as it does not contain any nutrients. Therefore, whenever you want something sugary, eat an apple or any fruit with natural sugars. These alternatives are both healthy and effective at stopping those sugar cravings.

Inconsistent Energy Levels

Sugar in the right amount is good for you because glucose is what supplies your body with energy. But any deviation from proper levels can lead to energy fluctuations throughout the day. When you eat sweet food, the pancreas releases insulin to help bring glucose to the cells. This gives you a rush of energy. Once the cycle ends though, your energy levels drop because your body wants more sugar. This can start a never ending cycle of overeating sugar in order to stay energized. If you do not want to end up in that trap, avoid sugar foods and instead go for lean proteins and healthy fats. Healthy foods like these will give you the real energy your body needs.

Skin Breakouts

Constant skin breakout is one of the signs you are eating too much sugar and is impossible to ignore. As stated earlier, too much glucose in the blood can lead to inflammation. Acne is a type of inflammation of the skin. This insulin boost from your pancreas can increase the activity of your skin’s oil glands. So, if you are facing skin problem and no treatment seems to help, try changing your eating habits.

Weight Gain

One of the other signs you are eating too much sugar is weight gain. A high level of sugar increases the production of insulin which stores excess fat around your belly. Therefore if you have gained excess weight, it is time to keep a check on the sugary foods in your diet.

Tooth Decay

Sweet foods inarguably promote the formation of cavities and tooth decay. Different sugary foods like chocolates can get stuck in hard to reach spots between your teeth speeding up the process of decay.

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