Signs of Protein Deficiency in the body

Protein plays a vital role in the daily functioning of the our bodies. If you do not have enough of it, your body will suffer. The average requirement of protein is 56 grams for men and 46 grams for women per day. Below are some signs of protein deficiency in the body.

Food Cravings

If you always feel hungry and have cravings for food and snacks, it may be because of a low protein, high carbohydrate and sugar filled diet. The problem could be that you have unlimited access to high calorie foods. That is, the amount of protein is low in comparison to their calorie counting. Protein is responsible for keeping the correct sugar levels in your body. If you do not get enough of it your troubled glucose will inspire you to find a quick and easy solution by eating some candy.

Loss of Muscle Mass and Joint Pain

Unable to build muscle mass even if you are working out is one of the signs of protein deficiency in the body. It can also make you constantly feel tired and gain fat. Even if you spend extra hours at the gym, it will not help you if the problem is a lack of protein. This is because muscles are the body’s largest reservoir of protein. Muscle weakness, pain and loss of mass are all signs of a protein deficiency.

Skin and Nail Problems

A protein deficiency can result in weak and brittle nails. In a few cases, people might observe white bands and brownish spots on their nails. When there is not enough protein in your system, your body simply decides that your nails are not essential. A protein deficiency can affect the skin as well because protein enables cell regeneration and replaces dead ones. If this happens you will notice your skin feeling dry, flaky and cracked.

Hair Loss

About 90% of our hair is composed of a protein called keratin. If you do not get enough nutrients, your hair may thin and fade. This happens because the body stops using protein for non-essential things like hair growth. When your protein levels are low, your body will redistribute the remaining protein to give enough to the processes that are more essential than hair growth.

Fatty Liver

A fatty liver is one of the common signs of protein deficiency in the body. If left untreated, it can cause fatty liver disease which leads to inflammation, liver scarring and potential liver failure. When you have an unhealthy fatty liver it means there is too much fat in your liver cells.

Lack of Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping or suffer from sleep deprivation, it is likely linked to a protein deficiency. Proteins from the food we eat act as building blocks for tryptophan an amino acid that causes drowsiness. It indicates that we must eat protein rich food near bedtime to get better sleep. Also, it might be your shifting blood sugar levels keeping you awake, sufficient protein can help solve this problem too.

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