Natural Painkillers to Help Relieve Pain

Natural Painkillers to Help Relieve Pain

When suffering from tooth ache, back ache or muscle pain, the first impulse would be to reach the medicine cabinet for a painkiller. They do help relieve pain, but come with a bunch of side effects. Thankfully, there are natural painkillers that can help you when in pain. Below are the natural painkillers to help relieve pain.

Peppermint Oil

The peppermint plant comes with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. More importantly, it has properties that can relieve pain. This is possible because of the compounds in the peppermint plant. Research has shown that peppermint has been used to treat painful spasm and arthritis. It also showed that using peppermint oil on your temples can reduce pain caused by headaches. Peppermint oil can cause allergic reactions, so it is best to test a small amount on yourself before actually applying it on the area you want to fix.


Turmeric is one of the important natural painkillers to help relieve pain. It has a compound called curcuma, which gives it pain relieving qualities. It is a commonly used remedy for reducing inflammation. No wonder several cultures drink turmeric milk or tea when sick or in pain.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is used by many people to relieve pain. The oil can also be used to treat anxiety, and help you fall asleep faster. Also, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects. Before you apply it, dilute it with a carrier oil and make sure not to ingest it, as it can have toxic effects on your body.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus plant is already quite popular for its many medicinal properties. One of those properties is pain relief. Eucalyptus oil can not only help get rid of pain, but also bring down any swelling and inflammation you may be suffering from. However, eucalyptus oil should not be used on children.


Ginger is also one of the helpful natural painkillers to help relieve pain. This is one of the reasons ginger is regularly used in diets. Fresh ginger is a lot healthier compared to ginger supplements. Research shows that consuming 2 grams of ginger every day for five days can help reduce muscle pain.


Cloves have been regularly used in traditional medicine, especially to relieve pain from toothaches. It also have anti-inflammatory properties. They can boost your immune system with their anti-fungal and anti-viral activities.


Acupuncture has been traditionally used for reducing pain. Experts suggest acupuncture is especially helpful with treating lower back, neck and knee pain. It can also reduce the number of times you suffer from headaches and migraines. In one study, it was seen that acupuncture can help with chronic pain.


Yoga is a form of meditation that can help reduce your pain. When you suffer with back pain, one of the ways to relieve the suffering is by stretching. When doing yoga, you will be able to do the necessary stretches and physical therapy. Your yoga session will help you with breathing, self-care and relaxation. This will help you deal with your anxiety.

Warm Water Soak

Fed up from muscle pain, stiff joints and muscle spasm, try soaking your body in warm water. It is a simple natural remedy with the potential to get rid of all the pain. This simple act will relieve you of all muscle pain and spasm, as well as various types of arthritis. You have several options for warm soaks. There is a warm pool for water therapy, whirlpool tubs and deep bathtubs.

Dry Heat Therapy

Dry heat therapy is also one of the effective natural painkillers to help relieve pain. You can apply a heat pack, or adhesive back wrap that provides continuous low level heat. Make sure you carefully read the instructions to reduce the risk of burns or injuries.

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