Lose Excess Body Fat

Nowadays, there is no dearth of advices/tips regarding weight loss. While some advices work others waste your time and energy. Let us check some of the common weight loss advices, their result/feasibility and categorize them basis the same. This will give us a roadmap as to how to lose excess body fat.

Bad Weight loss Tips – Gives No Result and/or has Side Effects

Switch to Artificial Sweeteners

As we all know that sugar is nothing but empty calories and excess consumption causes weight gain. Therefore a popular advice is to switch to zero calorie sugar free sweeteners. But many studies suggest that daily use/high doses of such sweetener have long term side effects, which has lead to companies producing/using them to put an advice on the pack that it contains artificial sweetener, not suitable for children.

Exercise Alone is sufficient

There is a incorrect notion that exercise alone is sufficient/required for excess weight loss. Exercise alone will not give you desired result, but exercise coupled with healthy nutritious diet is ideal to lose excess body fat. Also what type of exercise you do is important, try to include weight training with cardio exercises for best results.

Spot Reduction is possible

You might have come across tips/exercises for spot reduction of excess fat. Do not believe/follow them as it is not possible i.e. you can strengthen the muscle of a specific part but cannot lose fat from a specific part/parts of the body.

Good Weight loss Tips – Gives Result with no Side Effects

Eat a Balanced Diet

Always eat a balanced diet i.e. a diet which has different types of food, in balanced quantity and proportion i.e. try to include food like fruits, vegetables, dairy product, whole grains and natural protein rich foods. You can practice the healthy plate method which is, when about to eat, fill half of your plate with fresh salads, quarter plate with protein rich food and the last quarter with complex carbohydrates which are high in dietary fiber.

Switch to Natural/Healthier Alternative to Sugar

For a majority of people, sugar is the primary reason for weight gain. Actually sweet in moderation is fine, but you need to replace refined sugar with healthier alternatives like jaggery, honey and stevia. This will keep your Insulin in check/control thereby help to lose excess body fat.

Eat Whole Foods

Prefer eating whole fruits rather than juices as only whole fruit will have dietary fiber which helps in digestion and promotes weight loss. Eating fruits is another way to fulfil your sugar craving. Also switch to meals prepared from whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, millets and oats.

Eat your Food Mindfully

In todays fast paced/busy life , people have a habit of eating their meals while working on the laptop/mobile or while watching television. When doing so our brain does not register the food eaten which leads to overeating. Therefore it is important to eat your food slowly, without any distractions. You will notice that by following this habit, your daily food consumption will reduce by 50% and that too, without making any changes in your diet.

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