Improve Memory Power and Focus

The human brain is probably the most mysterious and smartest organ in our body. Scientist keep learning new fact about how it works. There are a few simple habits/ways to improve memory power and focus.

Get Enough Sleep

Chronic lack of sleep worsens memory. Scientist have found convincing proof that a lack of sleep can worsen memory and cause Alzheimer’s. During a full night’s sleep, the brain cells remove toxic compounds dangerous for our brain. If a person never gets enough sleep, it has a devastating effect on their brain cells. Therefore getting good regular sleep is essential to improve memory power.

Reduce/Avoid Stress

Prolonged stress adversely affect the brain. A decrease in memory, inability to learn, these are the consequences that prolonged stress can lead to. Also, it contributes to a person having irritation, anxiety, tension and being distracted. Therefore try to avoid stress.

Proper Hyderation

Our brain is almost 80% water, therefore even a moderate loss of fluid reduces concentration, vigilance and leads to deterioration of short term memory and other cognitive abilities. Therefore keep yourself properly hydrated by having sufficient fluids like water, natural fruit juice.

Avoid Excessive Sugar

The abundance of sugar in the diet worsens memory and reduces the ability to learn. This is because the excess sugar destroys the neural connection in the brain. Scientist emphasis that industrially produced sugar is much more harmful to the brain i.e. which are added to soft drinks, seasoning, sauces, and baby food.

Daily Exercise

As per a study, regular exercise helps the memory in both direct and indirect ways. It helps directly by reducing inflammation which in turn helps your brain and also stimulates the growth of new blood cells in the brain. Indirectly, exercise is good for memory as it helps you sleep better and also reduces stress/anxiety.

Healthy Diet

What you eat has a significant impact on the health of the brain. Brain health can be improved with right/healthy diet as the brain uses more the 20% of our calorie needs. Some of the foods to be included in your diet are green leafy vegetables, eggs, berries, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate and oily fish.

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