Improve Male Fertility Naturally

Improve Male Fertility Naturally

Infertility has become a common problem and is rapidly increasing. Roughly one-third of infertility cases are caused by males. When it comes to conceiving a baby, a woman’s fertility is only part of the equation. Men play a role in baby making too. Male infertility is treatable and can be improved. Below are the ways to improve male fertility naturally.

Avoid Heat

Saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs can raise your body’s temperature temporarily. This can lower the number and quality of your sperm. Another hot spot that may have an effect on your fertility is your laptop computer. Research has shown that when you place a laptop directly on your lap, it can increase the temperature of the scrotum and decrease sperm production. So instead of putting the laptop on your lap, put it on a desk or use a tray in between.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

If you are planning to start a family, maintaining a healthy weight is very important to improve sperm quality. High body fat can affect hormone levels, which may make it more difficult for you to conceive. Overweight men are also more likely to have a lower sperm count. You should make regular exercise an important part of your general wellness. This can help you maintain a healthy weight. It can also help you reduce stress levels and feel better overall. But try to avoid too much strenuous exercise and talk to a nutrition expert before taking workout supplements because both can have negative effects on fertility. You may also want to limit or avoid cycling when you and your partner are starting a family. This activity can lead to lower sperm count and less sperm movement.

Reduce Exposure to Chemicals

One of the important ways to improve male fertility naturally is to reduce exposure to chemicals. Around 50 years ago, the average man had double the amount of sperm the average man has today. Many researchers believe increased exposure to certain chemicals, heavy metals, radiation and so forth, are contributing to higher levels of male infertility. Some of the worst culprits are thought to be xenoestrogens, which mimics the effects of estrogen and can be found in pesticides, plastics and industrial pollutants. One way you can reduce your exposure to chemicals include avoiding plastic water bottles and using plastic containers to store your food. Another way being reducing your exposure to dioxin by using unbleached toilet paper and napkins. You should also try not to use synthetic deodorants, lotions, or anything else on your skin.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the ways to improve male fertility naturally. Recently conducted studies have found that many men who reported a lack of sleep or sleep disturbances suffered from low testosterone levels, obesity, sleep apnea and low sperm count. A review of studies focusing on lack of sleep and male infertility, reported that testosterone production is affected by the quality of sleep a man gets each night.

Quit Smoking

One of the many damaging effects of smoking is a decline in sperm production. Scientific evidence confirms that increased smoking leads to abnormal sperm, a lower sperm count and less motile sperm production. There is also sufficient evidence to indicate that heavy smoking results in erectile dysfunction in men.

Include lemon in Your Diet

Lemon has been reported to speed up the liver’s removal of estrogen. It is a hormone that many men do not know they have, as it is typically associated with female fertility. In men, if levels of estrogen are excessive, it can cause problems for fertility. Therefore, to provide an added fertility boost, incorporate a lemon drink into your morning routine. Try half a lemon squeezed in hot water as soon as you wake up.

Increase Fruits and Vegetable Intake

Another important way to improve male fertility naturally is to increase your fruits and vegetables intake. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamin C, carotenoids, and other phytochemicals, which can help to boost fertility. In addition, the antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables are thought to improve sperm quality. Foods that are rich in antioxidants include tomatoes, blueberries and pomegranates. Pomegranates in particular can help lift your libido and also keep sperm healthy.

Give up Drinking

It is not only females that should be mindful of alcohol and cigarette consumption when trying to conceive. Men should also drink in moderation or give it up completely. The advice on how much alcohol to drink when trying to conceive is debatable. Habitual alcohol consumption can damage the quality, structure and movement of sperm by preventing the liver from properly metabolizing vitamin A, which is required for sperm development. It would be advisable to cut down and avoid binge or habitual drinking.

Manage Your Stress Levels

The influence of stress is an extremely difficult factor to measure when it comes to fertility. But, stress has been shown to adversely affect sperm count by lowering levels of a hormone called Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone or GnRH. This hormone is needed for sperm production.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is another important way to improve male fertility naturally. Not only is hitting the gym a few times a week great for overall health, it can also improve your sperm count. According to a study, men who participated in moderate to vigorous activity at least 15 hours had 73% higher sperm concentration than men who moved less than 5 hours a week. While any exercise that breaks a sweat is great, adding resistance training is even better. Lifting weights can increase your testosterone levels and aid in higher sperm concentration.

Eat More Nuts

Researchers studied more than 100 men to investigate the effect of eating walnuts. Three months later, the men’s semen quality was analyzed and showed that those who consumed 2.5 ounces each day had significantly increased levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. That translates into better sperm vitality, mobility and fewer chromosomal abnormalities. Eating any type of nut could reduce oxidative stress in your body and, in turn, potentially improve sperm production.

Avoid Junk Food

Inflammation in the body from eating processed, packaged and fast foods can affect your fertility. When you are not eating a whole food, your body cannot recognize it, so it has to use stored nutrients to process it. This takes away nutrients you could be using to make sperm. So, load up on plenty of fruits and vegetables. Organic and in-season produce is ideal.

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