How to Get Quality Sleep

In todays hectic and stressful lifestyle, most people are sleep deprived. A good night sleep is essential for proper functioning of the brain and body. Irrespective of your fitness goal i.e. muscle building, weight loss, proper rest is a must. Sleep deprivation leads to tiredness, low productivity and obesity. Let us list down the habits to avoid/solutions on how to get quality sleep.

regular Sleep Timings

Irregular sleep timings disturbs the bio clock which have many adverse effects. Bio clock is an internal mechanism that controls the periodicity of sleep among other functions. Therefore irregular sleep timing leads to difficulty in sleeping, mood swing , not being mentally alert. Always try to sleep and wake up at almost the same time. It is one of the solutions on how to get quality sleep.

Correct Sleep Positions

If you feel tired even after sleep, it means wrong sleeping position. Sleeping in wrong position/posture puts undue pressure on back and neck muscles. Some of the examples of wrong position is fetal position, face down position. Wrapping/covering yourself completely from head to toe is also not advised as this does not let you get proper oxygen. Sleeping on the left side is considered best as it helps in many body functions. The benefits are increased blood circulation, helps clean intestine.

Sleep Inhibitors

  • Avoid consuming sleep inhibitors like tea and coffee near bed time as they contain caffeine which hinders sleep.
  • One other sleep inhibitor is alcohol which affects rapid eye movement sleep that make you get up tired in the middle of the night.
  • Always eat light before going to sleep i.e. avoid going to bed on an empty stomach and also refrain from eating heavy.
  • Avoid drinking too much water before sleep and it leads to frequent trip to the toilet thereby affecting your sleep.

AVOID USING Electronic Gadgets before going to sleep

Studies show that Melatonin ( a hormone that helps regulate our sleeping pattern) is reduced by 50% when using electronic devices before going to sleep at night. Using gadgets before sleep excites the brain making it difficult to sleep. Therefore put away electronic devices at least 1 hour before sleep.

Creating a Good Sleep Environment

Wear loose cotton clothes when going to sleep as it is much more relaxing for the body.
The room temperature for sound sleep should be neither too cold nor too hot.
Keep the room dark, quiet and clean.

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