Get Rid of Digestion Problems

Digestion is the cornerstone of good health. It is not we eat but what we digest that matters. The ability of of our digestive system determines the quality of life that we live. Our energy level , longevity , state of the body and state of our mind all depend on the digestive system. Getting rid of digestion problems thus becomes an important goal for our wellbeing.

Digestion problems are common as most people are unknowingly damaging their digestive system. Issues like gas , bloating , constipation , indigestion , skin problems and hair fall are all problems due to a weak digestive system. Therefore stating some bad habits and good habits to get rid of digestion problems.

5 Bad Habits/What not to do for digestive system

Avoid Bathing after meals

Bathing after meals messes up the digestive system. When we eat something , our body temperature rises in order to digest the food , on the other hand, when we take bath , it decreases the body temperature making it difficult for it to digest the food.

Avoid Water after meals

When we drink water immediately after food , it dampens the digestive process and as a result the food does not get digested properly which eventually leads to toxins in the body.

Wrong foods and combinations

Majority of the people eat food in wrong combinations which not only weakens the digestive system but also leads to toxins in the body. Some of the wrong food combinations are milk + fruits , tea + salty foods. If you are already suffering from weak digestion , some of the foods to be avoided is porridge , mango shake , banana shake.

Preparing meal together for the whole week

Meal preparation for days is not a good idea as every food has an expiry and it loses its nutrition value thereafter. Fresh food is of utmost importance for well being of our digestive system.


When we are extremely tense/anxious/nervous our stomach muscles tends to get loose leading to digestive problems. Our mind and stomach is closely related and therefore our state of mind is very important for a good digestive system.

4 Good Habits/What to do to boost digestive system

Keep changing the grain

Alternatively, having different grain based food is an important habit for a good digestive system i.e variety is important.

Daily Dose of Probiotics

A weak digestive system is a clear sign of lack of probiotics in the body. Probiotics are the good bacteria which keeps your digestive system stronger by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria. Probiotic rich food in our daily diet is very important. Some of the examples of probiotic rich foods are curd, apple cider.

Ghee/Classified Butter

Ghee is rich in butyric acid which serves as a major source of energy for both the colon and large intestine, the two organs that play a important part in the digestion of nutrients and elimination of waste. Ghee keeps the food pipe lubricated and the intestine soft.


A good night sleep is an important factor for healthy digestion. Sleep allows the digestive system to heal itself.

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