Depression in broad terms is prolonged sadness for over 2-3 weeks. According to data published, one out of five people worldwide are suffering/have suffered from depression. Depression does not come with a warning and can hit anyone. Listing down some of the techniques/habits to get rid of depression.

Physical Activity

Most of the people on an average have only 10-15 minutes of physical activity as part of there daily routine. There is a sizable number of people also who do not indulge/take part in any form of exercise/physical activity. A mere 30 minutes of brisk walking, 3 times a week helps in terms of feeling less depressed. When we exercise, important nerve transmitters like dopamine and serotonin have increased activity levels. These same nerve transmitters cause depression when they are at low levels. Therefore any form of exercise/physical activity goes a long way in fighting depression.

Omega 3 fatty Acids

According to several studies, consuming food rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids prevent and treat depression. Omega 3 fatty acids can reach the brain cell membrane and interact with mood related molecules inside the brain. This explains the reason why omega 3 fatty acids can act as a natural antidepressant. Some of the good sources of omega 3 are fish, flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnut, soya beans.


Sunlight is important as it is the most natural source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D comes from your skin when it is exposed to sunlight and is primarily responsible for bone health, immune system and muscle health. However researchers have also found out that lack of Vitamin D can adversely affect your mental health. As per data, around 40% of people have Vitamin D deficiency to some degree. Therefore, it is important to get sufficient sunlight.

Healthy and Quality Sleep

Disrupted sleep is one of the most potent triggers for depression. It is observed that people who sleep at abnormal times, that differed every single day were more prone to developing depression. Healthy/Quality sleep translates into 7-8 hours of sleep. There are some lifehacks to get quality sleep. Hence make it a habit to sleep around the same time, and get around 7-8 hours of sleep.

Anti-Ruminative Activity

Researchers found that the more we ruminate (process of continuously thinking about the same thoughts/past ) the more likely you are to become depressed. In todays day and age people tend to spend more time alone. The problem of spending time alone is that you tend to ruminate more, especially bad memories about the past. These types of thoughts can lead to depression if repeated enough. In order to combat this, try engaging in activities/hobbies of your interest and also get enrolled in any form of group activity which can help you to get rid of depression.

Social Connection

We humans are social creatures and till some time back used to spend the majority of time with other humans. This is not the case anymore, half of the people report having no close friends. Studies support/suggest that having a strong social network is vital for a healthy life. As per a study, bonding with other humans releases certain hormone that reduces stress and anxiety significantly. Therefore try to build strong social connection by face to face interaction rather than through social media. This go a long way in the process to get rid of depression.


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