Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very touchy and personal topic. Nobody wants to discuss it willingly. Dental hygiene is important but brushing your teeth twice a day and chewing gum may not be enough. Even after such daily routine you may still have bad breath. There are scientifically proven cases of the reasons behind bad breath. Below are the list of dental hygiene habits to get rid of bad breath.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is never a bad idea as sufficient amount of water stimulates the flow of your saliva. This helps to avoid dehydration which often a reason for Halitosis-scientific name of bad breath. Please read our post on drinking water the correct way for further insights.

Limit Coffee Intake

A sip of coffee seems vitally important in the morning, but do not be too keen on this drink. Caffeine can slow down saliva production and therefore dry out your mouth. This will lead to that breath odor. It is better to drink a cup of tea during your lunch and dinner.

Floss After Every Meal

Any food particles that stay in between your teeth for too long is a major reason for bad breath. The bacteria from food go deep below the gum line and may lead not only to bad breath but also to an infection. Therefore, flossing is no less important than brushing your teeth. It helps to remove the plaque which potentially leads to the decay of your teeth and the disease.

Change your Toothbrush every 3 Months

Time flies when we are busy and may not notice how quickly our toothbrush gets old. An old toothbrush may be as unsafe to use as simply having more bacteria to your mouth. So change your toothbrush regularly. Do it once every three or four months depending on how frayed the bristles are. Also as a rule, change your toothbrush after a bout of the flu. This will prevent the old germs getting back to your body.

Do Not Neglect Your Tongue

When you brush your teeth in the morning, remember to clean your tongue with a tongue scrape. It has been shown to reduce odor by up to much as 70%. Therefore, using a tongue scape regularly is one of the essential habits to get rid of bad breath.

Avoid Sugar Mints

Sugar is normally added to the mints people are so eager to take after a meal. You do so to freshen your breath, but unfortunate the situation is quite the contrary. Sugar in these mints is exactly what helps the bacteria in your mouth to grow. This makes your bad breath worse once the gum or mint is gone. Therefore, sweetened fresheners are not for the long run. If you must use mints, opt for the sugar free type.

Be Aware of the Medication

Medications like antidepressants, painkillers and antihistamines may suppress saliva flow and can be a reason for chronic dry mouth. So remember to ask your doctor about the side effects of any prescribed medications.

Check for Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones are a mix of debris and bacteria that sit in the back of the throat. They look like white spots or bumps and are smelly. As per a research conducted, more than 6% of all the examined patients suffered from this problem. To prevent them from happening, make sure to follow a proper hygiene routine and visit your dentist regularly. Some home remedies for small tonsil stones are salted water gargling and drinking lemon juice.

Focus on your Weight

Another risk factor for halitosis is obesity. As per a recent study published, there is a direct link between overweight and having bad breath. The more obese you are, the more likely your breath will not be as pleasant as you would like. The reason is the diet of people with excess weight, as it promotes dry mouth condition.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can result in damaged gums, stains on the teeth and bad breath. Smoking dries out your mouth while nicotine tends to squeeze blood vessels. As a result, you do not receive a healthy amount of saliva. Therefore quitting smoking is an important step to get rid of bad breath.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

When you eat celery, apples, carrots or similar foods, it removes the remains of food stock between the teeth. It also get rid of bacteria that live on them. One another benefit is that these foods are very low in calories and rich in vitamins. So you do not have to worry about gaining weight when eating them. So, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and get rid of bad breath.

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