Eating fruits the right way

Fruits are essentially natures gift. It is considered to be one of the healthiest foods. Irrespective of your fitness goals like fat loss, muscle building, or healthy living fruits are essential.
But majority of the people eat fruits the wrong way which leads to incomplete nutrition, skin allergy, digestive problems, therefore it is important to focus on eating fruits the right way.

Common mistakes when eating fruits

Eating fruits after meals

As compared to grains, fruits are much easier to digest. Therefore when we eat fruits after meals, the fruit comes in contact with the food and digestive juices leading to fermentation inside the stomach. Due to the fermentation both the fruit and food begin to rot/spoil. Keep at least a 2 hour gap when having fruits and meal.

Cutting and storing fruits

In todays hectic lifestyle we are in the habit of cutting the fruits and storing them in refrigerator for later use. But eating fruits long after cutting takes away most of the nutrients. As per nutritionists , fruit is best when eaten within 20 minutes of cutting. Fruits cause acidity when stored after cutting.

Not eating local fruits

Exotic foreign fruits are getting popular due to incorrect information/notion that they are more nutritious/healthy than local fruits. But on the contrary, local seasonal ripe fruits are most beneficial to us. The absorption value of nutrients from local fruits is much higher.

Drinking fruit juices

Though having fruit juices are fine, but consuming whole fruits are more beneficial. This is because when making juice, the dietary fiber is taken out from the fruit and only the juice is consumed. Dietary fiber assist in smooth bowel movement and it promotes fat loss as it ensures release of sugar in body. Strictly avoid packed juices as they are high in sugar and has many artificial ingredients.

Eating Fruits at night

Many of the the people feel that they can have fruits any time of the day which is not the case. We should avoid having fruits post sunset as the body’s ability to assimilate nutrients from fruits diminishes. Also having fruits at night can lead to weight gain. The best time / eating fruits the right way to have fruits is in the morning and on an empty stomach which helps in detoxifying the body.

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