Early signs of enlarged prostate in men

Early Signs Of Enlarged Prostate in Men

Prostate enlargement is a common condition which affects over 50% of men between the ages 51-60. However this problem can begin at any age, and can cause problems when you urinate. The prostate is actually a small, walnut sized gland which sits just below your bladder, which can become inflamed if it becomes too large. Prostate enlargement is a serious condition which can lead to infections, urinary problems and a higher risk of prostate cancer. Below are the early signs of enlarged prostate in men.

Frequent Urination

If your prostate is enlarged, it can put pressure on your bladder making you have the urge to urinate more often. You will notice this problem is worse when you have consumed sugar or alcohol. This is because these substances trigger high insulin levels and prostate swelling.

Constant Urge To Urinate

One of the early signs of enlarged prostate in men is the constant urge to urinate. If your prostate is enlarged or inflamed, it has a squeezing effect on your urethra, the tube that your urine passes through. This sends signals to your brain that you need to urinate, even though there is nothing to pass.

Incomplete Urination

The squeezing effect caused by the prostate can also prevent you from passing all of your urine. The high estrogen or insulin levels mentioned earlier, cause the prostate to balloon out. This prevents you from completely emptying your bladder.

Painful Ejaculation

Some men suffer with painful ejaculation. You may notice an uncomfortable and radiating pain around the penis, bladder and the rectum. This can happen during intercourse or shortly after ejaculating.

Weak Stream

The pressure caused by a swollen prostate gland can also cause you to have a weaker stream when you urinate. By squeezing the urethra, less urine is able to pass through from the bladder causing you to urinate at a slower rate. In some men, the urine stream can start and stop intermittently.

Urinating More at Night

One of the important early signs of enlarged prostate is urinating more at night. A prostate that has become enlarged can pinch your urethra closed. This makes it harder for you to completely empty your bladder before you go to bed. This will cause you to wake up several times during the night, and can disrupt your sleep.

Blood in Urine

If you pass blood in your urine, it can be an indicator that your prostate is swollen or infected. Visit your doctor immediately for a quick diagnosis if you pass any blood in your urine.

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