Drinking Milk the Correct Way

Milk is an important part of our diet as it alone has all the nutrients like protein, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium that a human body needs. Milk provides some unique nutrition which no other food can provide. But the irony is that majority of the people drink milk the wrong way which instead of being beneficial can lead to digestive problems, skin allergy, bloating, weight gain, kidney disorder and other health issues. Therefore it is important to focus on drinking milk the correct way.

Since milk is sourced from a living animal, it contains hormones, enzymes, amino acids and therefore upmost care should be taken when and how to consume milk.

Common mistakes when drinking milk

Drinking Milk with meals

Milk is a complete food in itself i.e. it has all the nutrients to nourish our body. Having it immediately after/before or during meals puts additional load on the digestive system, as effectively you are having two meals. As a result our body is not able to absorb the nutrients from milk and also the meal taken. Please have a gap of 2 hours between having meals and milk.

Drinking Milk with salty food

If you are in the habit of having milk with salty snacks or using milk for cooking, you are unknowingly damaging your body. This is because having milk with salty foods leads to toxins in the body. Therefore have a gap of at least one hour when having milk and salty foods.

Having Chilled/Cold Milk

Many of us like having cold coffee, banana shake thereby consuming milk in chilled or cold form which is not advisable. This is due to the fact that milk is a heavy food and turn even heavier when chilled/cold making it difficult to digest. Having chilled/cold milk can led to gas, bloating, constipation. Heating the milk changes the molecular structure of the milk making it light and easy to digest.

Adding sugar to milk

Milk is naturally sweet as it contains lactose ( type of sugar). Refined sugar which we use at home is processed with chemicals and it hinders with the absorption of nutrients from milk. Having milk after adding sugar can cause weight gain as sugar has empty calories. Try adding honey or jaggery instead when wanting to consume sweetened milk.

Having milk with fruits

Milk is incompatible with most fruits. Having milk with sour fruits should be avoided e.g. apple, orange, lemon etc. Milk may be consumed with dates, mangoes and banana if they are ripe and sweet.

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