Drink Water the Right Way

More than 65% of our body consists of water and therefore , water is essential for our organs to function properly.We need water to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat. We should be careful when drinking water as consuming water at the wrong time and in the wrong way will adversely affect our body e.g indigestion , arthritis , migraine , allergies , skin problems etc. Therefore it is important to know how to drink water the right way.

About 99% people drink water the wrong way , and thereby harming the body instead of getting the advantage of drinking water.

5 habits/common practice to change and drink water the right way

Avoid drinking water immediately before and after meals

It is a common practice of drinking water just after having a meal. But it harms our body as when we eat , our body’s temperature rises for better digestion. But when we drink water after our meals , water instantly dilutes the gastric juices reducing the body’s ability to digest food . Due to this the food does not get digested properly and rots within the system. When the food rots , the body fails to absorb the nutrients from it and also results in digestion , constipation , gas and bloating.
Always try to have a gap of 40 min before meal and 90 min after meal when drinking water.

Avoid Gulping down the water

The way water enters our body makes a huge difference. When we drink water too fast , the body does not accept it and shunts it out.
Also as our stomach is acidic and saliva is basic , and more the saliva goes inside the stomach , the better it is. But when we drink water fast , the saliva does not get mixed in the water and adequately reaching the stomach which leads to acidity , gas and bloating. Gulping water may also lead to gain in body weight. Therefore the correct/best way is to slowly sip the water.

Stop drinking Chilled Water

Drinking chilled water shrinks the blood vessels and solidifying the fat in food leading to indigestion. Some other harmful effects of consuming chilled water is joint pains and decrease in heart rate. Therefore it advised to drink water at room temperature.

Avoid drinking to much water

There is a misconception that the more water we consume , the more beneficial. But it is incorrect as drinking too much water dilutes the sodium levels and also leads to thinning of body fluids which in turn gets in the body cells. Therefore , drink water when thirsty/required. Increase water intake if you have yellowish urine, parched lips , dry skin , lack of energy and rapid breathing.

Avoid drinking water when in standing position

When we drink water in standing position , our kidneys are unable to filter water properly which may lead to severe health issues. Also drinking water in standing position leads to imbalance in body fluids and become the reason for joint pains and arthritis.

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