Detox Your Body Naturally

Detox Your Body Naturally

Detoxification is essential for our overall health. Our body is prone to pollutants, chemicals, preservatives and toxins all the time. Along with this, consumption of refined foods, sedentary lifestyle and stress create a toxic havoc in our bodies. The human body has an amazing mechanism to cleanse and heal itself naturally but can also do with extra help like us going on detox. Going on detox help you flush out all the toxins and helps you rejuvenate by giving your body a boost of health and vitality. Listing down effective way to detox your body naturally.

Avoid Sugar and Processed Foods

The first step to detoxification starts with removing all processed foods and sugar from your diet for a day. Stay away from breads, cakes, ready to eat meals, aerated drinks, and fast foods. Go without adding refined white sugar in your beverages like tea, coffee. You will soon figure how light and energized it will make you feel.

Have good quantity of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

Make fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables your preferred food on your detox days. Start your day with a bowl of mixed fruits, and during the rest of the day have ample vegetables. Your body will be nourished with fiber, vitamins and minerals which will revitalize you.

Proper Hydration

Hydration is crucial to a good detox. Have ample water throughout the day and aim at consumed 4 liters of the same. You can also try to include natural fluids like coconut water, vegetable soups. Be careful of not including packaged juices and flavored water as they are have added sugar/preservatives.

Have probiotic foods

Probiotics are foods which help improve your digestive health as they are packed with healthy micro organisms that help digestion. Reboot your body by including foods made by fermentation. Some examples of probiotic foods are yogurt, buttermilk.


Exercise is not just for losing weight, but is important for detoxification of your body. This is because when you exercise, toxins are flushed out with sweat. Exercise also helps the digestive system, blood circulation and proper organ functions. Not to mention, exercise also helps release endorphins, which in turn improves your sense of well being.

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